Fees and Services

Certain services not covered by the Ministry of Health fee structure and provided by the Tavistock Family Health Network are chargeable.

The following list represents some of the services that can be offered at the Tavistock Health Centre as well as their current fee (based on the Ontario Medical Association Schedule of Fees). Payment for service is due on the day of treatment unless prior financial arrangements have been made with the centre. Fees are subject to change without notice.

Services Additional Information Fees
Off-work/School note $12.00
Completion of Forms Does not include examination
School, Camp, Daycare Centres Federal Employee Absence Forms $18.00
Fitness Certificate(pre-employment/health clubs) Trip Cancellation $24.00
E.I.C., Maternity Certificate $18.00
Disability Insurance Forms Health Practitioner Certificates) $28.00 per page
Federal Disability Tax Credit Form $30.00
Medical Records Transfer & individual $30.00
(Summary, Photocopy) of medical records family $60.00
Notes: At patient request only; An extra charge may apply for complex/lengthy records
Photocopies of: Results,Notes,Forms,Faxing,etc. $1.00(per page)
Third Party Medical Examinations Includes completion of forms
Driver's Insurance or Pre-employment Medical $100.00
Fitness Club Examination  $50.00
Camp/School/Daycare Physical $50.00
Missed appointment Without minimum 24 hour prior notice
15-minute minor appointment $25.00
30-minute major appointment $50.00
Injections Migraines $10.00
Immunization for travel purposes $10.00
Insurance or Medico-Legal Reports (must be contracted beforehand) Variable